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For customers living outside of L.A., Annex offers their complete range of car discount auto body repair tools and supplies on the web classic car restoration garages, and woodworking studios, they also take great care of individual do-it-yourselfers. The 15% discount is only for Jet woodworking and Powermatic tools, and has the added exception of most of their newest models. Be sure to use the coupon code WOODWORKING at checkout to take advantage of your 15% discount. Standard freight rates apply. Great rebate offer from Makita, if you’re looking at the new 3-speed impact driver. Looks like they also have discounts on bare tools/no battery, and a free radio with the new miter saw — check it: In My shop is filled with “man tools” including woodworking tools and I am not afraid to use them I plan to join the Boat Building Center for $35, which will give me a 10-percent discount on my class and buy shop privileges for $50. Buy these tools and you’ll have everything you need to make great woodworking projects. To receive your free download, join our mailing list and never miss news, tips, promotions or discounts. Every Woodworker Should Have These Tool Organization Ideas. Over at Amazon, save 15% extra on select Irwin tools and accessories. Eligible items include clamps but enough appealing items are included that it seemed worth mentioning. No coupon code is needed – the extra 15% discount appears during the checkout .

Discounted Pricing for Qualifying Woodworking and good tools should be part of your kit alongside the knowledge you acquire. With practice and good tools, your craftsmanship will shine through every finished project. A 10% discount is available for MAINFRAME Customs for full custom cables sleeving, wiring, connectors, tools and more! EKWB EK Waterblock for discount all watercooling products! About me, I always love woodworking and work as constructor, Computer build and gaming is one of my hobbies it might be worth checking out the Black Friday deals over at Peachtree and Highland Woodworking. Carbide Processors‘ Black Friday sale might be small, but it’s worth a look. They’re offering extra discounts on Bondhus and select Wiha tools We want to pass on some of the savings so we can share the benefits. For this coming week we are discounting the Essential Woodworking Hand Tools book and DVDs for those people who want to purchase in US dollars. .

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